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Here we have assembled some resources that may help you during your time as a Tufts Postdoc.

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Postdoctoral Handbook, National Postdoctoral Association, Training in Education and Critical Research Skills Fellowship ,Office of Vice Provost for Research, Library Resources, Tufts Technology (IT), Career Development, Housing, Core Facilities, Shared Instruments, Biorepository,

Postdoctoral Handbook [Tufts University]

Contains information about benefits, compensation and expectations.

Work/Life Resources for Postdocs [Tufts University]

National Postdoctoral Association

As a Tufts Postdoc, you are automatically an affiliate member of the NPA. Register on their website for access to member-only content such as the International Postdoc Survival Guide and Institutional Policies Database. The NPA also petitions on your behalf on a national level to improve the quality of the postdoctoral experience.

Training in Education and Critical Research Skills (TEACRS) program

TEACRS is a nationally funded program at Tufts University provides talented postdoctoral trainees with the career skills needed to succeed in teaching intensive academic biomedical research. This is a competitive program with applications generally opening in the Fall of each year.

Office of Vice Provost for Research 

Office of Research Development (ORD) – helps with grant-writing and applications
Office of Research Administration (ORA) – helps with finding grants and fiscal administration of grants
Technology Transfer Office – helps with patent applications, MTA, also run an internship program open to postdocs and grad students.
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) – approves and helps with animal-related protocols and animal handling.
Department of Laboratory Animals (DLAM) (website requires login, contact IACUC for information) – Contains training workshop timetables, guidelines, forms and staff information.
and many others…

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Library Resources

– Research Guides: Documents produced by library staff to help you utilize library resources

Medford campus resources:

Boston campus resources:
Topic include: Allied Health & Nursing, BiologyBiomedical Sciences, Business for Health Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Dentistry, Health Communication, Nutrition, Public Health, Research in the Health Sciences

Bioinformatic Tools

– Including links to useful databases and tools, access to ingenuity pathway analysis, BIOBASE and Oncomine.

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Tufts Technology Services

List of software available (please note: not all of this software is free or available for installation on personal computers).

Notable examples (for personal computer installation):
Microsoft Office 365 ($9.95, for both Mac and PC)
Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop and Illustrator ($10, for both Mac and PC)

Career Development

CTSI iLEARN (Tufts Clinical Translational Science Institute)
Online seminars on lab management, time management, clinical trials, technology transfer and many other topics.
Tufts Employee Learning and Development (Tufts Human Resources)
Sign up for workshops or eLearning modules on writing, project management, effective feedback and more.
Speciality online training on topics including web and graphic design, music production, web technologies and programming. Email IT to request an account.

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(From Tufts University School of Medicine):

Off campus housing resource center (for undergraduates, but contains some good resources).

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Core Resources

Core Facilities/Service Centers (OVP website)

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Shared Instruments (OVP website)

Accuri C6 Analytical Flow Cytometer
Flow cytometry

Analytical Ultracentrifuge
Determine mass of proteins in solution

Array Reader
Scans and analyzes genotyping and gene expression microarrays

Biomolecular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center
For demanding multidimensional, multinuclear spectroscopic applications

Bone Scanner
Measures bone density

Cardiology/Ultrasound Machine
Ultrasound images

A software that analyzes only NMR data for metabolite quantification

Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy
To measure the conformational state of a protein

Digital High Resolution Gamma Camera
Digital gamma image

Digital X-ray Machine
X-ray images

Emboss Server

Determine molecular structure

Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Determine fluorescence emission or exitation spectra

Determine molecular structure

Helical CT Scanner
Tomography images

High-performance Computing Cluster
General purpose scientific computing

Determine trace concentrations of metals in solution

Keck/DURIP Lab
Biophysical characterization: X-ray, AFM, thermal, mechanical, etc.

Linear Accelerator for Small Animals
Radiation therapy for small animals

Mass Spectrometry
Determination of the elemental composition of a sample or molecule and elucidation of the chemical structures of molecules, such as peptides

Mass Spectrometry (GCMS)
Determine molecular mass

Mass Spectrometry (LCMS)
Determine molecular mass

Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-MS)
Determine molecular mass of peptides and proteins

Metabolic Engineering Core
Small molecule analysis

MRI imaging small animals, parts of large animals

Determine molecular structure

Pencil Beam Scanner
Measures bone density

The purpose of this instrument is the visualization and quantitation of radioactivity on gels or TLC’s using a special phosphorimaging screen

Radiology/Ultrasound Machine (Phillips HDI – 3000 ATL)
Ultrasound images

Radiology/Ultrasound Machine (Phillips HDI – 5000)
Ultrasound images

Research Storage
General purpose research storage

SCIID/Keck Center
Cell-cell interactions, signaling in dynamic fashion

Surface Plasmon Resonance
Binding studies

Tissue Engineering Research Center (TERC) – Imaging Facility
High resolution imaging of biological samples

Ultrasound Machine
Ultrasound images

Visualization Wall
Large scale visualization capabilities

X-ray Image Processor

X-ray Machine
X-ray images

X-ray Machine with Fluoroscopy
X-ray images

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Biorepository (in collaboration with Tufts Medical Center)

“Provides banked frozen tissue to investigators while maintaining patient confidentiality”