Career Development Resources

Getting on the short list: academic job applications the Node
Advice for the first year on the tenure track Professor is In
Advice from MCB-funded Investigators to young scientists MCB
Freelance academics as public intellectuals Chronicle Vitae
Metrics with meaning: shaping your scholarly identity Nature Blog
How to plan your research and writing trajectory on the tenure track The Professor Is In
I look like a professor … gender struggles in academia Chronicle Vitae
Advice for academics starting their careers Insider Higher Ed
Lab budgets: a numbers game Nature
Finding career and Family balance in a naturally imbalanced situation Pipette Gazette: UT Health Science Center Graduate School.
Why you need a 5 year plan The Professor Is In
How to choose a postdoc position: A step by step guide Biotechin Asia
Making it in academia: Before and after you apply NatureJobs Blog
Biotech & Pharma listings
MassBio (Massachusetts Biotechnology Council – most companies and academic institutions are members so you can register and access all of their member resources and events for free!
Biotech Networks Pinterest by Bina
Biotechnology News
Fierce Biotech
STAT news
Career Events
Futures in Life Sciences series Propel Careers
Association for Women in Science (AWIS)
Massachusetts Chapter (MASS-AWIS)
Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (WEST)
Why you should join a professional society Aspiring Professionals Hub
Careers for PhDs
Where to look for jobs in STEM  Columbia University
PhDs at Work
 – Profiles of researchers from a variety of careers
3 Keys to transitioning into industry Cheeky Scientist
Uncertain what to do next? Career options for life science graduates  Aspiring Professionals Hub
Career A or B: Making the decision Nature blog
Writing in the Sciences Stanford Online
Career destinations by discipline infographics Vitae
Science communication: a new generation of communicators Nature Careers
Why PhDs shouldn’t overlook a career with a non-profit organization Cheeky Scientist
So you want to be a science writer Cell Press
Basics of Venture Capital BiotechLikeMind
Careers for PhDs (humanities)
What can you do with a humanities PhD anyway? Atlantic
Communication/Elevator Pitch/Public speaking
And But Therefore Method by Randy Olson TedMed talk
One method to put together an elevator pitch
Talk Nerdy to Me by Melissa Marshall TedTalk
 – How to communicate your science to a general audience
Online collaboration: Scientists and the Social network Nature News
Turning your complex career path into a coherent story Harvard Business Review
Science communication: keep it simple Nature Blog
Creating a research brand Science Careers
12 tips for scientists writing for the general public American Scientist
Company Reviews and Salary info
 – you need to provide a review to have access to the database
12 ways to get more out of attending a conference US News and World Report
ACE Method: Cold Emails and Hot Coffee Guidebook (pdf) Designed by Albert Chen, University of Michigan
 – “10 hrs in 1 month to get high yield career information and build your network from zero”
White Consulting
 – articles on transferable skills that PhDs have, how to write a resume and many other great articles)
 – hundreds of articles on every aspect of job hunting you can think of
 – some resources require a subscription/fee, however also hosts many free webinars on career paths
Individual Development Plan (IDP) Science
 – a tool that helps you identify what you enjoy and are good at and predicts career paths based on that information
Discover the 20+ transferable skills that make PhDs totally employable Jobs on Toast
How to stop overplanning (even it you’re a perfectionist) Harvard Business Review
Why the best grad students make the worst job candidates  LinkedIn
Understand the 4 Components of Influence Harvard Business Review
STEM Education: To build a scientist  Nature
Tooling up (general career skills for scientists)

Science Careers
Immigration & International
Ode to scientists on visas and permits Olga Degtyareva
International Postdoc Survival Guide National Postdoc Association
How to ace the the 50 most common interview questions Business Insider
Your body language shapes who you are by Amy Cuddy TedGlobal Talk
 – Great talk on “how faking it till you make it” really works and how the body can shape the mind and how to optimize your body language to ace a job interview!
Job seekers: How to banish those job interview jitters Forbes
Job Hunting
Science Careers  Science Magazine/AAAS
Nature Careers Nature Magazine
The Versatile PhD
 – paid service, but many Institutions are members – an online community for non-academic careers for PhDs in a variety of areas, includes job listings, articles, meetups and a membership directory to facilitate networking
Technological tools for PhD and postdocs on the job hunt HigherEd
How to use your LinkedIn profile to power a career transition Harvard Business Review
[Book Review] What color is your parachute? 2016 PhDs at work
How to embrace complex change Harvard Business Review
How to know if you should leave academia… before wasting years in postdocs Next Scientist
How to go from unemployed PhD to successful industry professional Cheeky Scientist
Postdocs, put your best foot forward for industry jobs Science Careers
Avoiding “Drive by” Job Searches, an interview with the founder of Cheeky Scientist Nature Jobs Blog
9 Ways to Manage and Overcome Academic Stress and Transition into Industry Cheeky Scientist
Leaving academia: Do’s and Don’ts  NatureJobs Blog
10 steps to executive-level confidence Wall Street Journal
Lab life
Effective Laboratory Management ASBMB
Networking and Informational Interviews
 From start to finish: a guide to informational interviewing  NatureJobs Blog
Networking and Informational Interviewing (pdf)  Tufts University
Five example emails that make following up with people easy! The Muse
What you need to know before inviting people to connect on LinkedIn Career Sherpa
How to use your LinkedIn profile to power a career transition Harvard Business Review
Networking Events (regular)
Biotech Tuesday (Boston only)
Venture Cafe (Boston MA & St. Louis MO only).
Tips for writing a scientific review article ASCB
Essay on how academics should approach “revise and resubmit” responses from journals  Inside Higher Ed
Resumes and Cover Letters
Guide to Resumes and Curricula Vitae (pdf) NIH Office of Intramural Training & Education
What your professional bio needs to get noticed Harvard Business Review
Jobs in the USA: Academic CVs and Industry Resumes NatureJobs Blog
List of Action Verbs Harvard Law School
Specific Career Tracks (Alt-Ac)
Application Scientist
Clinical Trials 
Business Development
Regulatory Affairs

Science Careers
Science Careers
Science Careers
Science Careers

Taking my Parents to College New York Times
Career Lingo: “Ability to teach the following…” Chronicle Vitae
How to prepare a syllabus for a college course Inside Higher Ed
A guide to applying to jobs at small liberal arts colleges Daily Nous