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Join the Tufts Mentoring Circle Program!


Step 1: Click here to fill out the survey by October 27th

Step 2: Click here to register for our kick off event on Monday, November 6th at 6:00 pm on the Boston Campus (Sackler 114)

What is a Mentoring Circle? 

A Mentoring Circle consists of several mentees with STEM, Humanities or Social Science backgrounds who are committed to meeting monthly to support one another with support, advice, and information. Each circle will be directed by an experienced mentor.

Who can participate?

Any Tufts Postdoc or Grad Student is welcome to apply! Fill out this survey by October 27, 2017 to get matched into a circle!

Who will be in my circle?

You can designate whether you would like a mixed grad student/postdoc circle or a postdoc-only/grad student-only circle. Matching will be on the basis of joint career goals and interests and geographical location to ensure you can meet with your circle with ease. 

Who are the mentors going to be?

The Mentoring Circle Team has worked very hard to secure professionals from both industry and academia to be your mentors!


What will we talk about? Are we just going to complain?

The mentoring circle is a supportive forum to constructively resolve all issues, but the focus is on career and personal growth. The group decide the details of scheduling and we will provide ideas and articles to help start conversations within your circle. All participants should be willing to both give and get professional and personal support from others in their circle. Mentors will aid in directing conversational topics within the circle and by sharing their knowledge and experience.

Have more questions?

Contact the Mentoring Circle Team via email!

Looking for Resources for Mentoring Circles? – Click here!