The Tufts PDA Elections!

The Tufts Postdoctoral Association needs you! Get involved and hone your soft skills!


  • Nominations open from June 15 – June 30

Click here to see the presentation from the Information Sessions (pdf)(Update 2 – 06/14/16)

What you get out of it:

  • Increase your network:
    The best way to build relationships is to ask for advice and help! This is inherent in all the PDA does!
  • Hone your organizational and managerial skills
  • Improve your communication skills
    Show concrete DELIVERABLES that YOU have achieved as part of a collaborative TEAM effort.

You will get plenty of support including help from the current President and Vice-President and detailed “protocols” on how to run events, manage logistics and raise sponsorship!

Positions available (all):

  • President – manages PDA
  • Vice-President – helps manage PDA
  • Director of Career Development – organizes career development events, approx 1/month with the help of the Career Development Team
    • Career Development Team – helps organize career dev events
    • Example of events:
      • Speed networking/panels in PhD industries (i.e. academia, R&D)
      • Information sessions on resumes, interviewing, networking etc
      • Information sessions on research ideas, academic job search etc
      • Seminars on personal issues, such as managing finances, psychological issues (imposter syndrome)
  • Director of Communications – manage communications
    • Finalize and send out weekly happenings (Thursday mornings)
    • Manage blog & social media
    • Send out announcements etc
  • Director of Research- Manage research orientated programs including:
    • Postdoc Seminar/Chalk talk(?) series
    • Mentoring program (joint with Sackler GSC)
  • Director of Finances
    • Keep track of financials (very hands off)
    • Engage with sponsors (great for business development!)
  • Director of Outreach – Manage the outreach program, previous examples include:
    • Cambridge Science Festival
      • Sci-Art and Science Pub Night with MGH
      • Museum of Science initiatives
  • TMC Liaison (Tufts Medical Center only)
  • Director of Advocacy – Helps improve postdoc life at multiple levels, including salary, work/life balance, child care etc.
  • Volunteers

Please note, we understand people are hesitant to jump into leadership roles, for this reason, you can nominate yourself for multiple positions and if multiple nominations are received for that position, we will give you the option of which position you wish to formally nominate yourself for.

We will accept multiple people co-chairing an office! Help spread the love around!

Please note, we do not consider the positions to be silo-ed, we absolutely expect that everyone can work together on events if they would like to do so!