Month: June 2018

Self-Nominations for Tufts PDA Board is Open!

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Dear Postdocs,

Develop leadership, communication and organizational skills within the PDA!

Are you interested in joining the Tufts PDA Board and its committees? We’re looking for postdocs to take on a variety of leadership and committee member roles in the PDA with the overall goal of improving the postdoctoral experience across the Tufts campuses.

Available roles include Career Development, Postdoc Advocacy, Communication and Outreach/Social.

Now is the time to nominate yourself for a position in our new Board:

Nominations will close on 6/30/18 and the new board will be determined in consultation with the nominees. The new board will then be announced and have their first meeting in early July!

-The Tufts PDA Board

Reminder about Postdoc Dental Clinic Benefits/Services 2018

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We wanted to remind everyone of this e-mail that was sent out back in May:

Effective July 1, 2018, services will no longer be covered at the Tufts University Pre-Doctoral Dental Clinic.

Postdocs who choose to receive treatment at the Tufts University Pre-Doctoral Dental Clinic will be responsible to pay full Dental Clinic rates. For more information regarding the Tufts University Pre-Doctoral Dental Clinic and rates please visit

A voluntary dental insurance plan is also offered to postdocs through Delta Dental. You are not enrolled at this time, you will have to wait until November 2018 to sign up during Open Enrollment. More information can be found on the following website,