Getting your paper published: An Editors Perspective by Shawnna Buttery, PhD

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On June 9 2016, we were joined by Shawnna Buttery, PhD, Scientific Editor of Elsevier’s BBA-Molecular Cell Research and BBA-Proteins and Proteomics who discussed how to get your paper published! Here is a summary of what she discussed:

For the complete slide deck from Shawnna’s talk, please click here! (pdf)

Take homes/key points:

  • Two types of editors: professional editors are ones that work for the journal and have a PhD and research background. Scientific editors are those that also have an academic position and are often PIs.
  • Editors often use your references as a way of finding reviewers and checking that the reviewers you have asked for, cover your field.
  • Your abstract has to be succinct and explain what the problem is and how you solved it. It is what often determines whether the editor will read on or whether it will be rejected without review. It needs to be interesting and catch the reader!
  • Use tools such as JANE, which can use the title and abstract of your paper to find similar authors (great way to find reviewers), similar papers (have you been scooped?) and journals that are publishing your work (where should you send it to?).
  • Handle rejections/revisions/review professionally and politely.
  • When in doubt during the revision process, ASK THE EDITOR

MAJOR TAKE HOME: NETWORKING with editors is a GREAT way to get your work noticed and published!!

Check out the Elsevier Publishing Campus for great resources (including courses!) for training, scientific writing, networking, professional organizations and many more!

Perhaps more importantly, check out Shawnna’s awesome blog post on resources for finding a career away from the bench, with a focus on science communication!