Developing a teaching philosophy and Building an Educational Portfolio

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Hoping to teach in academia? Read on for great advice about developing a teaching philosophy and building your educational portfolio from Tershia Pinder-Grover, from the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching in Engineering, U. Michigan!

Teaching philosophy – describes your belief about teaching

Educational portfolio – focuses on courses you hope to teach and how you plan to teach them.  Expect this to change over your career

Teaching portfolio – factual description of faculty member’s teaching strengths

What makes a good statement?

  • Brief.  1-2 pages single spaced
  • Uses narrative, first person approach
  • Is reflective and personal
  • Focuses on students/learning

In a poll of search committee chairs,  the following common traits were shared by strong candidates (

  • Discusses goals, methods and assessments
  • Explains your specific disciplinary context
  • Showcases you (innovations, specific viewpoints of teaching and learning)
  • Written with audience in mind (white space, conciseness and clarity)

Teaching Philosophy Rubric

  • Creating an inclusive learning environment
    • Many students leave STEM because of difficulties with Science and Math