Month: April 2016

How to Design a Drug: Insights into Drug Discovery

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Today we are joined by Sarah Dykstra, PhD, who worked in the early drug discovery group at Amgen. Many of our postdocs and PhD students will end up in R&D, so its a great opportunity to learn about your potential future career.

Big thank you to Thermo Fisher Scientific for sponsoring this seminar! Remember that if you need any support from Thermo Fisher, feel free to reach out to our Account Manager, Adam!

Here are some insights from the seminar on the drug discovery pipeline:
(A copy of the slides can be found at the end of the post!).

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How to Develop a Great Research Idea

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We were joined by David R. Walt, PhD, the Robinson Professor of Chemistry and HHMI investigator on how to develop your next big scientific idea for success in Academia and Industry. Here are a few highlights from the talk:

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